buyers need an advocate.

Fanning Art Advisory offers non-aligned advice, providing scholarship on a work you are considering or in assisting you in finding that signature piece, saving you time and money. Your fiduciary interest is our only priority.

Fanning Art Advisory provides expertise and scholarship about price, rarity, importance and quality. Our only objective is to help you achieve your goals. The expertise is provided to ensure you make informed decisions.       


Benefits of hiring
Fanning Art Advisory

  • An impartial voice similar to your attorney or CPA. We are a part of your team. It is our job to ensure you have the full picture so you can make an informed decision.

  • Our distinguished network, education, years in the field, provide you an informed ally to help you make an informed decision. Whether your interests are to acquire one work per year, or to hone your aesthetic tastes as a new collector, we save you time and money and help you avoid impulsive mistakes.

  • When merging families you may have more artwork than you have space for. Let us make curatorial suggestions to pull it all together.

  • Curatorial and installation expertise so that your artwork is presented in the best possible way.

Fanning Art Advisory. The way it all comes together.

Consider This...

·         When buying art do you consider who has your fiduciary interest top of mind?

·         Do you have favorite artists whose works you desire, but believe are out of reach?

·         Has the thrill of the hunt lead to impulsive acquisitions?

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