The art collector’s legacy.


Your art collection, if you’ve collected wisely, will be a long term asset. When the time comes to divest your art collection, Fanning Art Advisory prepares detailed valuations, and biographical information about each artist to paint a complete picture about the artist. If your collection has been managed properly, the value of the collection is solid.

wealth team

Fanning Art Advisory provides strategic solutions to your advisors, family office, estate planner and CPA. We are a part or your team to ensure your estate is protected. There are tax considerations when you divest your collectibles. We provide the most advantageous strategy.

Distribution Channel

There are many avenues to divest your estate. Fanning Art Advisory handles your holdings to ensure you get the value your works deserve, without leaving money on the table.


·         Our distinguished network of collectors and arts professionals

·         An understanding of tax liabilities when selling or donating a collection.

·         Scholarship to determine attribution and valuation


·         Did you know that not all art appreciates?

·         Did you know appraisal can be based only on auction records which can skew the value?

·         Did you know it can be risky to send your works to auction?

·         Without provenance & perfect condition, value can be minimized.       

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