Caring for your art is critical to its value.

If your works of art are in pristine condition, excellent. However, if you have works stored improperly, framed with substandard materials or lit incorrectly, they are at risk of damage which reduces or destroys the value of your artwork.

how we put your collection in order.

Fair market value is determined by specific criteria. Fanning Art Advisory researches and inventories each work providing you a comprehensive profile on each artist and work. This avoids future attribution and provenance uncertainty. Our custom-designed database is complete to avoid lost histories handed down from prior generations.

Benefits of caring for your collection

The benefits are directly correlated to value of your collection. As a part of your team Fanning Art Advisory gets your holdings in order. We make sure every detail is considered, from conservation or restoration to working with your family office, estate planner, wealth manager on valuation when you chose to sell or donate works to a museum.

Consider this:

What to consider about Collection Management:

·         Did you consider if you have clear ownership of works?

·         Have you had your collection appraised, is it properly stored, and records in order?

·         Do you avoid thinking about that work in the closet with broken glass or frame?

Technologies are changing in the realm of the art world everyday. Fanning Art Advisory is the single resource to uncover challenges before they become full-blown issues.
— Amy Laugesen, Artist & Collector