Acquiring Art - representing your interests as a third-party, non-objective voice

Care - proper care and documentation to ensure value

Divestment - valuation and estate planning for your collectibles

Legacy - providing structured solutions for artists, collectors and their representatives

How we work with you

Fanning Art Advisory provides non-aligned advice on your art collection. We work for you on retainer, or based on performance, but never both, providing you with unbiased expertise that helps you make the right acquisition from the start.  As a collector you become the steward of an artists work. Preservation and maintenance are key to your collections value.  We support your long-term goals helping you determine the right time to cull certain works from your collection.  It all starts with Fanning Art Advisory.

Colleen works intensely with the client, to get the required information, the size, shape & weight-load requirements, and creates a living guideline for all the installation requirements for the location.
— Frank Palumbo, Senior Engineer, Denver International Airport